Skype or Telephone Sessions - 1 Hour Session $150 - Three 1 Hour Sessions $300
To book a Skype or Phone session you will need to fill out the online appointment form (coming soon), or call Bethany at (602) 312-5381 to discuss session options (Skype audio, Skype video, Phone), what you would like to work on, and schedule availability. If you filled out the online appointment request form, then Bethany will call you after reviewing your submission and consult with you to work out a custom program that meets your needs. Be sure to download the “Free” 20 minute “Clear Emotional Baggage” session and listen to it for a few days prior to your first session with Bethany. This free download session helps you reset your mind and prepares you to experience new emotions and energy. It will also help you get used to listening to Bethany’s voice.
What is Skype?
Skype is a free computer based telephone application that can connect your computer and other people’s computer through the internet. You must have an internet connection, a computer, and a webcam, or a microphone with speakers, or headset to communicate using Skype.  There are no call charges when using Skype which is a great option for clients outside of the local calling area.
Skype Download (same for audio or video session)
CLICK HERE to download the Free Skype software – Once installed follow the setup instructions. You will pick a Skype name. Your Skype name is your username and this is how Bethany will connect with you on Skype. Once you have your account all set up you are ready to book a “Skype Session” with Bethany. On your first Skype session Bethany will give you a free consultation prior to starting your desired session.
Skype Audio Session or Video Session
Most clients prefer audio only sessions which is done on the computer via a webcam, microphone with speakers, or headset. Video sessions via Skype are available if you want Bethany to be able to see you, which in some cases help her see that you are in a relaxed state. Most people feel more comfortable with audio only sessions and prefer to be hypnotized in the comfort of their own home. This is because they are able to relax in their favorite chair and wear their most comfortable clothing in a quiet private place.
Telephone Session
Simply call Bethany at (602) 312-5381 to set-up your telephone session. It is recommended that you have a speakerphone or headset to use with your phone, so you are able to relax hands free. Bethany will give you a free consultation prior to scheduling your first session.