I have worked with Beth for many years now, and continue to benefit from the extraordinary results she has been able to cultivate in virtually every area of my life through hypnotherapy. The sense of emotional control, freedom to move through and from stress and anxiety, improving my work performance and most importantly the mental peace I have received through our sessions is truly astonishing. I have referred many friends and colleagues to Beth and have seen the incredible changes in overcoming negative behaviors and achieving the freedom to live their best lives. Beth’s skills and expertise are among the top in the emotional intelligence field and her genuine beautiful spirit is truly magnetic.

Wendy Walker
Wendy Walker Fine Properties
Scottsdale Arizona

I lost 70 pounds by just listening to Bethany’s sessions as I drifted off to sleep nightly. Not only did the physical weight disappear, but also the emotional weight I was carrying, was able to release as well. I am forever grateful to Bethany for teaching me how to create a peaceful and fulfilling life.

Roxanna Jones
Registered Nurse
Plano Texas

Bethany’s hypnotic and intuitive skills combined, create and experience where emotional and physical healing happens. I was privileged to be the National Guild of Hypnotist Trainer for both Bethany and her husband Sam, and am delighted they are using these unique talents to help others.

Nadeen Manuel
Stage Hypnotist and Healer

Bethany did a past lives regression for me, and she experience was WONDERFUL!!! She is the real deal.

James Mason
North Carolina